Six Games to Go

It has been a hectic and rewarding 2021 for the Phoenix Football Team. So far, the team has played 11 games, with six more still on the docket. Our 2021 record at the moment stands at 6-7. We are on a bit of a cold streak, but we look to get back to .500 this week again against the Rock County Rampage

Falcons: W (Arena)

Kurse: L (Arena)

Royals: L (Arena)

Rampage: W (Arena)

Buccaneers: W (11-Man)

Rampage: W (Arena)

Falcons: W (11-Man)

Royals: L (Arena)

Kurse: W (Arena)

Royals: L (Arena)

Cougars: L (11-Man)

Revolution: L (11-Man)

Blue Devils: L (11-Man)

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