Phoenix News, August 11th

We havent played softball in two weeks because it only likes to rain on Mondays. We would like to play again someday. Our next match is scheduled for next Monday at 7:15...we will see if the weather gods like us.

Salem Softball League to start August 28th

Finally! our two Salem teams can stretch thier stuff and get on the diamond. Wonderful. We play on Friday nights too, so, no rain.

Flag Football to start September 11th

We had officially joined into the GKFFL and look to begin playing on Friday nights, in Kenosha. We are recruiting for members of that team currently.

Phoenix Basketball starts on September 28th

Our second season of Phoenix Basketball tips off in about...six weeks or so. We play on Mondays....but dont fret, they are indoor games. The rain cant hurt us there. We will be holding tryouts in the upcomming weeks to build the best 12 man roster we can.

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