Phoenix Enter Impact Developmental Football League

The Phoenix, which will be entering out 10th year this spring, have made a big move this offseason, agreeing to play in the Mid-western Impact Developmental Football League as a D3 affiliate. It is our hope with hard work and a good showing on the field that we can enter the leagues D2 program in 2021.

The Phoenix has been diversifying and broadening our outreach these past years, taking on many new challenges. Realizing that there is a hunger in our area for not only a single sport, single season franchise, the Phoenix Sports Group is at it's peak in 2019. Just this calendar year, we have had a tackle arena team, three flag football teams, an independent 8/11man padded football team, a softball team, a volleyball team, and now a basketball team.

No single franchise entity plays more games than we do, and we are continuing to grow. In 2020, we will be playing in two arena leagues, simultaneously. For this to work, we will need upwards of 50-60 committed football players. We think we can get this done.

In the coming weeks and months, the winter will set upon us all, but we will not be resting. No, we have practices and workouts to do, and perhaps a winter league or two to join to keep our guys working. For many athletes in this area...its one season and done until the following year. For us, the season never ends, because it doesnt need to, and we dont want it to.

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