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Cody Delano
Jell Belkin
Antonio Starver
Jeff 'Rock' Haggins
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League vs League

The Phoenix has two players participating in this weekends MSFL vs NLFL All-star game the Saturday at 7pm

Look for Jell Belkin and Devontae Hillman try to help the NLFL get an intra-league victory


Rough Start

Week 1 didnt go exactly as we planned, falling in our opener 60-48. A slow start helped keep us grounded.

Tonight we look to even our record and hit our stride. 6pm tip-off!



The Phoenix have secured the #5 Seed in the 2021 playoffs. We will be playing at 7pm to see if we can make it to the second round.

If so, we play at 8pm.

The Championship will be played at 9pm

Phoenix Scores

Oct 7th - Basketball

Vs Julian

Oct 4th - Softball

vs Final Inning W 21-16
vs Str8 Heat      L 20-19

Sept 30th - Basketball

vs Marcus L 60-48

Sept 19th - NLFL

East - 12
West - 20

Softball Record 3-5

Basketball Record 0-1