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West Wins 20-12

Devontae Hillman and Mark Booker led a group of Phoenix into the NLFL All-star game. Hillman has two catches and a TD while Booker had 1.5 sacks and 3 total tackles. 

The West scored late and took the contest 20-12


Season Start: Sept 30

For our Fourth Season, we have changed leagues now to Elite Endurance in Kenosha. This 10 week league will be challenging as we once again vie for our first league Championship


Phoenix 2-2

The Phoenix Softball team again split our two games.

The first was a 5-4 victory, the second was a Loss to a very good Lee's team. 

Next Week:

Games are at 6 and 7pm

Phoenix Scores

Sept 20th - Softball

vs Str8 Heat W 5-4
vs Lee's        L 17-0

Sept 19th - NLFL

East - 12
West - 20

Sept 13th - Softball

vs Meno      W 22-3
vs Starlite   L 24-12